Students who want to continue their studies beyond the Dhammasekhiya Course may apply for admission to the 3 year BA degree course in Buddhist and Dr. Ambedkar Studies.
The BA College is known as NAGARJUNA INSTITUTE and it is situated in the beautiful campus of Nagaloka, Nagpur. The Nagarjuna Institute is affiliated with RTMNU (Nagpur University). The subjects we offer are: Buddhist Studies, Ambedkar Thoughts, Pali Literature, English and Hindi. The main purpose of the college is to provide a BA Degree to those students who have a passion to study deeply on:
1. The Buddhist teachings in a practical approach and Dr. Ambedkar’s approach to Buddhism
2. Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts on society, Politics, Economy, Religion and much more
3. Pali literature, one of the oldest languages where you can find the revolutionary teachings of the Lord. Buddha
4. Introduction to Chinese Language.


Eligibility for taking admission:

  1. 12th passed from any recognized institute
  2. Residential: To NTI Alumni
  3. Non Residential: To local students (Nagpur based)
  4. Admission fees and Exam fees as per university norms.

For more details and queries, Please contact – +91 8956578764, +91 8956578765

Registration Closed! Please contact above numbers for any queries!