The Residential Dhammasekhiya Course

The Dhammasekhiya course is an eight months residential course held in the Nagaloka campus designed to introduce students to the Buddhist teachings and practices in a practical and meaningful manner. The subjects and practices covered include: basic teachings from the Pali and Buddhist Sanskrit sources, Buddhist ethics, puja and devotional practices, basic meditation practices, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s approach to Buddhism, an introduction to social work in India and the application of Buddhist principles to that work, how to study effectively, how to communicate effectively and how to teach the Dhamma in a practical manner.

Eligibility for Residential Dhammasekhiya Students:

  • Age preferably between 18 to 40. ( exceptions can be made )
  • The qualification must be 12th passed or equivalent.
  • Reasonable written and verbal fluency in HINDI and ENGLISH.
  • Students should have a strong desire to understand Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and the Buddha, practice Buddhism, as well as its social implications.



  1. Trainees are not allowed to use mobile phones during the whole period of training and therefore they should not bring the mobile phone with them, if they carry, they need to submit to the concerned authority as soon as possible.
  2. Trainees should participate in all the daily activities on time ; e.g., meditation, class-room teachings, group discussions, library study, work period, Puja etc.
  3. Trainees need to have their meals in dining hall only. Not allowed to take to hostel
  4. Trainees should give up the bad habits, e.g., chewing tobacco, smoking, gutkha, alcoholic drinks, drugs etc.
  5. There is no holiday except Sunday. Therefore, trainees are not allowed to go outside the campus except Sunday. If something emergence, they need to take permission from the concerned authority
  6. Trainees must have to stay for whole period of training in Nagaloka campus.
  7. There will not be any vacation or leave during the training period.
  8. Medical expenses if any will have to bear by the trainee. First Aid medicines will only be provided with consultation of doctor.
  9. Trainees will have to follow the single sex principle.
  10. Trainees should not perform any kind of violence act physically or orally
  11. Clothing:
    1. Uniform – during the class room activities, special programs. Not allowed for outdoors except special trips or field visits.
    2. Casual wears – loose shirts and trousers (with same color as uniform) in Meditation and Puja
  12. If the trainee fails to fulfill the above conditions, he/she will be liable to remove from the training without any notice.
  13. Management may decide to remove any trainee if she/he is not found suitable for the training.


  1. Students need to come on or before the declared date into the Nagaloka 30th June. For this they need to inform before 7 days of their journey
  2. Students need to carry two passport size photos, their original ID proof along with 12th certificate for verification
  3. Accompanied parents or guardians can only stay for 2 days in the Nagaloka campus if they wish for more than 2 days, they need to pay @ Rs. 300 per day per person
  4. Students need to carry their daily needs like water bottle, bathing items, bedsheets, blankets, stationaries etc.
  5. Language of teaching and communication will be in Hindi and English.
  6. There will be no extra training for the study and practice of local language
  7. Dhammasekhiya course is not a university affiliated academic course. This is a special course aimed for self-development.
  8. Those who wants to continue this course with 3 years BA course, please select the same option in the below form.

The Residential course will commence on 1st July 2024 and conclude on the 28th Feb 2025