3 months Elementary Course for Beginners

Total time: 72 Hours  – 3 Classes a week

International Standard | With Lots of Games and Fun

  • Studying anything has many advantages, and languages are no different.
  • Learning a new language has lots of advantages and specially Chinese.
  • Chinese language is a very interesting language with its specific sounds , tones and artistic characters whether you are looking for a new academic pursuit, new career skills or a new perspective on life, it will be the best option to learn Chinese language ( Mandarin )


  • Help to boost your career:
    • There are a growing number of job opportunities for those who can fluently speak Mandarin; so it’s a perfect way to make yourself standout from the crowd.
  • Help you to travel wider:
    • Chinese is not only spoken in the main land China but also in Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, The Philippines, Mongolia etc. A lot of countries also have strong Chinese population, and being able to speak Chinese will make your travelling experience more enjoyable and exciting.
  • Helps you lead an exciting life:
    • Learning Chinese will make you busy with practise, make you more creative to writing the amazing characters and so on…
    • It  will fill the gap of your life and bring a new dimension of living.


  • Games for vocabulary exercise
  • Conversation exercises for various situations
  • knowing our environment and premises ( learning terminology)
  • songs for refreshment
  • Exercising “Chinese in daily life” with video clips.

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