“A caste-free society based on the principles of Liberty, Equality & Fraternity as envisioned by Dr. Ambedkar.”

To Educate and to Develop Committed People to enhance their capacities and achieve their full potentials by practicing and spreading Equality. Fraternity & Liberty and Human Rights through Buddhist teachings and Social Action.

To explore prominent Teachings of Lord Buddha and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for Social Transformation of Indian Society to realize the Vision.


  1. To Enable people (especially followers of Dr. Ambedkar) to develop an effective understanding of the Dhamma through training in Buddhist practice and teachings with emphasis on Ven. Urgen Sangharakshita’s and Dr. Ambedkar’s approaches.
  2. To Explore the social implications of Buddhist practice and principles and to help to over come caste divisions within the Buddhist community by bringing Buddhists together from different backgrounds.
  3. To Encourage the development of effective social interventions by organizing retreats, seminars, workshops, training programmes on social sciences, social works and implementing Field Action Projects by faculties with the help of students.
  4. To Develop a network of ex students, which gradually extends throughout the towns and villages of India, and which supports and develops Dhamma teaching and social interventions.
  5. To Explore the cultural and artistic aspects and implications of Buddhist practice.
  6. To Raise awareness among Buddhists worldwide of the Dhamma revolution taking place in India, of the significance of Dr. Ambedkar’s work & teachings, and of the significance of Ven. Urgen Sangharakshita’s approach in working with and developing the situation.
  7. To Bring, together Buddhist followers of Dr. Ambedkar with Buddhists worldwide, and with Indian Buddhists of other backgrounds, so that they can learn from and be inspired by each other, and
  8. To Provide a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all over India, as well as abroad, where there are high standards of aesthetics, care, and practice, so that they can be inspired and have pride and confidence in their religion.